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Soltura Specialty Coffee

Soltura's Signature Blend "THE CALL"

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Grind Type
  • Ethiopia Limu, Fair Trade / Organic
  • Mexico HG, Fair Trade / Organic
  • Colombia Excelso: Fair Trade / Organic
  • PNG Nebilyer Valley: Direct trade, small hold farmers

Tasting notes

As an espresso, this blend is remarkably balanced with a creamy mid palate sweetness, crisp black current notes and excellent length. Through milk this sweetness presents as malt and light caramel notes, with a nuanced note of fruit in the finish.

Our signature blend is created and roasted by award winning roaster DEAN MORGAN of Morgans Coffee Roasters. We named our blend THE CALL after our good mate SCOTTIE CALLAGHAN (World latte Art Champion, 2 time Australian Barista Champion) who continues to work with us to ensure our coffees are not only the finest tasting, but also the most ethically sourced and produced beans available.


Suitable for

The Call is best suited for a milk-based espresso. As always, we recommend trying it as a Piccolo Latte

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