DrDazz Coffee is fudging awesome!

DrDazz Coffee is fudging awesome!

Every DrDazz branded coffee order placed during December 2021 will receive a free sample of DrDazz Coffee's Sweet Brazilian Mocha Fudge!

We are excited to announce that DrDazz Coffee has partnered with another great South Australian business, Fudge It, to produce the first ever DrDazz Coffee Fudge. This is a rich, creamy mocha fudge made with DrDazz's single origin Sweet Brazilian coffee. The fudge is deliciously decadent with sophisticated and subtle coffee and chocolate flavours.

After many emails over several months to work out the details, yesterday, Dr Dazz met Eddie and Paula at Fudge It to sample the product. The Sweet Brazilian Mocha Fudge is AMAZING and Eddie and Paula are fantastic human beings. It is important to Dr Dazz to work with good quality people who are passionate about creating great products and he has hit the jackpot here!

Available as a single 80g bar or in packs of 5 or 10.

Locally hand-made in Adelaide, South Australia especially for DrDazz Coffee by the family team at Fudge It.

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