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Hi, I’m Darryl Sellwood. My close friends call me Dazz. Since the age of ten I thought it would be cool to have a PhD and be called “doctor”. In 2014, I started work on my PhD and after approximately 7,198 coffees and 73,000 words, my thesis was accepted by Flinders University and now I’m Dr Sellwood. You can call me Dr Dazz. I'm the founder and owner of DrDazz Coffee.

Coffee has always been a staple part of my diet. I must confess I once gave it up for Lent which ended up lasting all year. I have since repented but like with everything I try to enjoy it in moderation.

The DrDazz Coffee idea was cultivated in the strange COVID-19 lockdown days. Now it’s finally here!

The original DrDazz Seasonal Blend was developed in collaboration with Soltura Specialty Coffee in late 2020. When discussing the blend, one of our specifications was that it would need to reflect my character: determined, bold and luscious.

The experiment was a success and all stocks sold out. Unfortunately, COVID-19 supply issues meant that the beans for that original blend are no longer available.

While I still admire the work done by Soltura Specialty Coffee, I felt I needed a local roaster. In 2021 DrDazz Coffee started working with fantastic Adelaide-based roaster, Ben Laakmann (of b3 Coffee fame) to create new blends using beans ethically sourced from growers in Brazil, Timor Leste and Colombia. All DrDazz Coffee beans are roasted in a local collaborative roasting space called Settlement.

DrDazz Coffee: just what the doctor ordered!

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Who profits from all this?

Everybody. Ethical supply chains really matter. It's really important to me that the people who grow the coffee are paid good money for their work and have the opportunity for their families to grow and thrive. Anyone who buys the coffee also benefits. It's premium coffee at an affordable price!

What about me? Over the years I have benefited from other people providing me with opportunities to do all kinds of things. I had equipment donated to assist me when I was a kid. I've had assistance to go to conferences and participate at university. In recent years, when I've had the financial stability to allow it, I've been able to quietly pay it forward, giving money to help other people to participate in conferences. That kind of thing. I'm never going to be Bill Gates but I have big dreams!

The DrDazz Coffee business is a business. It's part of my strategy, alongside my work as an academic, to become self-sufficient and get myself into a position where I don't need to be on a pension. But I want it to also be a benefit to others. The more successful DrDazz Coffee becomes, the closer I get to having an independent income and the more I will be able to help other people. Who's with me?

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About Dr Dazz

Head and shoulders shot of Darryl enjoying coffee in Melbourne

You might have seen me watching live music somewhere around the world. Fortunately, my hometown of Adelaide in South Australia has some great venues and international festivals so I can often be found dancing wildly to some full-on gypsy band or sitting with a quiet drink listening to a soul-searching singer-songwriter.

I spent my childhood at the Regency Park Centre (now known as Novita), a school and residence for children with disabilities. Growing up without a family, I realised early the value of community and built a strong network of connections through involvement in my local church and a variety of other groups sharing my interests which include world music, technology and Christian ministry.

I have cerebral palsy which means I have physical and communication disabilities. In disability speak I have complex communication needs (CCN). I use an electric wheelchair for mobility and a variety of techniques to communicate including Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.

I’ve always been interested in technology and set up my own business designing databases and then went on to get a degree in computer science. I grew out of my childhood dream of being a techno-billionaire and found my passion for helping people who have CCN to live a satisfying life. My broad perspective on both user and technical issues led me into the telecommunications field and I graduated with first class Honours in a Bachelor of Arts degree researching telecommunications access for people who rely on AAC. Then I realised I could actually achieve another childhood dream and become a doctor! My PhD research project investigated the experiences of people with CCN in developing romantic or sexual relationships.

By the way, I’m still single but I’ve got a coffee business! At least Ziva my dog loves me.

Back to my two loves: music and coffee. For years I attended the Blackstump Christian Music festival in Sydney. I got to know one of the key organisers, Andrew Palmer, really well and I ended up becoming one of the regular speakers at Blackstump and then at Beyond Festival which grew out of the ashes of that festival.

Andrew introduced me to real coffee. Up to then I was only really drinking instant coffee. I blame him for my expensive coffee machine at home! Andrew is now one of the people behind Soltura Specialty Coffee (see below for more info about them).

I’ve been drinking Soltura coffee since they started producing it. It’s been my daily ritual. It got me through my PhD! I love it so much that their signature blend “The Call” is available through the DrDazz Coffee website.

One day in conversation with Andrew I came up with the idea of creating my own signature coffee.

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Soltura logo

Soltura Specialty Coffee
Andrew and Chris

The two founders of Soltura, Andrew and Chris West followed their passion for coffee and social justice. I love their mission:

* Ethically source the BEST Green Beans from around the world.

* Blend and Roast locally under the direction of Scottie Callaghan (2006 World Latte Art Champion, 2007 & 2010 Australian Barista Champion).

* Give the profits away to support best practice global work amongst the least reached and most marginalised people groups on the planet.

They are based in Sydney, Australia and you can find out more at their website: https://solturacoffee.com.au/pages/about-us


Logo of b3 cafe

b3 Coffee

Ben Laakmann is the master roaster for DrDazz Coffee. He is a successful barista, coffee supplier and roaster based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is passionate about coffee and providing excellent service to his customers.

You can find out more at the b3 website: https://b3coffee.com.au


Settlement logo


DrDazz coffee is currently roasted out of a collaborative roasting space called Settlement. This is often referred to as co-roasting. The space is located in Somerton Park, Adelaide, South Australia.

Visit the Settlement website to find out more: https://settlement.coffee


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