DrDazz Coffee served at Adelaide Government House

Today, DrDazz Coffee was served at the Government House Open Day in Adelaide on Mother’s Day 2024. Her Excellency, the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, the current Governor of South Australia, graciously opened the gates and doors to the public to have a look around her place. She does this twice a year. There were free guided tours and insights into the architectural features, historical artefacts, and daily operations of Government House, while a range of exhibits were on display for those who prefer to explore at their own pace.

A variety of activities, including live music, children’s quizzes, and SAPOL Police Grey display and interaction, kept visitors entertained. The Lions Club City of Adelaide hosted a sausage sizzle, and Novita’s ‘Grounds for Growth’ coffee van, operated by participants in Novita’s Transition to Work program, was on hand to provide hot drinks and share information about their programs.

DrDazz Coffee was served by the crew operating Novita’s Coffee van as a result of DrDazz recently reconnecting with his roots with Novita, formerly known as Regency Park Centre, where he spent most of his childhood growing up. Novita’s coffee van now uses DrDazz Coffee, and he is proud to support young people with disabilities in gaining employment.

Novita's coffee van in Government House garden with people selling coffee from the rear

While DrDazz was cruising in his electric wheelchair around the lawns of Government House, he bumped into Her Excellency, Frances, not literally though. He had a good old chat with her. And not one for an opportunity to pass by, DrDazz offered her a DrDazz Coffee Sweet Brazilian Fudge to have later. She seemed very keen to try it, as she asked DrDazz if he wanted to share it with her right then and there. But being the gentleman he is, he suggested she should keep it and enjoy it later with her husband when they needed a pickup.

DrDazz had a quick look around the house, looking at the paintings of past royalties and other artifacts. On his way out of the garden, he noticed a pair of police horses out on the lawns with policewomen mounted on them. So, DrDazz decided to zoom over to them, carefully, making sure to keep in the horses’ view so as not to spook them. He got to pat one of the horses. The other horse did look a bit tired, like he had been out partying the night before. And guess who he bumped into again? Yes, Her Excellency Frances! She had the same idea to say hello to the beautiful horses. She advised DrDazz she took the fudge back to her residence and already had a slice of it and she loved it.

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