DrDazz listens - free delivery is now more accessible

DrDazz listens - free delivery is now more accessible

Rachael, one of our valued customers, found that she kept running out of her favorite DrDazz Coffee. She would forget to order more beans until she was just about to use the last of her stash. A number of times Rachael was fortunate enough that her next batch of DrDazz Coffee would arrive on her door step just in time! 

Then, DrDazz suggested to Rachael to use the subscription feature to have an order placed weekly or fortnightly. That would be one less thing to worry about. Rachael took up his offer. However, she found that she missed out on the free delivery because of the 10% discount on subscription orders. It turned out that ordering through the subscription feature ended up costing her more.

When Rachael told DrDazz this, he went to work fix it! By dropping the free delivery minimum by $1.00, customers like Rachael can now save between $5.00 and $9.00 per delivery. That's what the Doctor ordered!

Thank you for Rachael for your valuable feedback. A good doctor always listens!

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