New beginnings are brewing at DrDazz Coffee

Last Thursday, Dr Dazz collaborated with Luke from Settlement Roasting Space to create some fresh, new coffee products. Watch this space over the next few months as we begin to launch them.

DrDazz working with Luke. In background coffee samples and espresso machine.

As with all changes, there are some down sides. Unfortunately, the Research Assistant blend, a favourite of many, is being discontinued because one of the key beans is not currently available.

The Seasonal Blend is a big favourite at DrDazz Coffee. With the change in seasons, we are tweaking the blend to make it more chocolatey, while keeping it layered and complex … and a bit mischievous!

The Sweet Brazilian single origin coffee was meant to be a fling—a limited edition—but she made her way into DrDazz’s heart. She is here to stay to show off her curves and the classic chocolate and nut flavours of Brazilian coffees, with some playful twists.

Three exciting, new coffees will be released in the coming months:

  1. The Professor—a sophisticated blend with hints of tropical fruit punch, summer berries and sherry liqueur.
  2. The Dazzling Colombian—a mysterious single origin with subtle suggestions of dark chocolate, toffee and citrus.
  3. A currently unnamed blend that will be released to celebrate the 2022 AGOSCI Conference in Hobart—a full-bodied coffee blend with tinges of milk chocolate, macadamia, caramel and stone fruit. (Update: With help from the AGOSCI community, the blend has now has a name. It is the AGOSCInator!) 


Stay tuned!

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