The chilled Co-author

On Good Friday morning, after church, I was having hot cross buns and coffee with other church friends at our minister's house, which is only 8 minutes walk away from the church. The church usually uses DrDazz Coffee after most services in the coffee machine for people to enjoy. However, as the machine isn't mobile, we had filtered coffee. I enjoyed the change in taste. It reminded me of the Saturday mornings where I used to treat myself to plunger coffee, in the days before I had my automatic coffee maker I have now. This gave me the idea of going home and pulling out the grinder and old plunger.


At home, for lunch, I made myself a large plunger pot of Co-author coffee. I usually put one large dessert spoon of grounded coffee for each serving. It was lovely and strong. Using the plunger, it seemed to bring out the flavours more. As I made too much for one sitting, I left the remainder coffee in the plunger and placed it in the fridge for the next day.


I was surprised how much more flavour-infused the chilled coffee was after being in the fridge overnight. I highly recommend trying it.


By the way, the worms in my worm farm love the used coffee grinds too!

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