Visit to b3 leaves a lovely taste in the mouth

Ben, Ferg and DrDazz sitting around a small table with cups of coffee and a bag of b3 coffee on the table

As mentioned previously, I’m working with Soltura Specialty Coffee to develop a new blend which will become DrDazz Coffee. For about a week, I’ve had a bag of coffee beans sitting on my kitchen table—a sample of the proposed blend—waiting to be tasted. Although I will try them in my coffee machine at home, I first wanted to put them into the hands of a coffee master. So, on Tuesday, after I finished a presentation at Flinders University, I told Ferg to drive me up the hill to meet the coffee master, Ben Laakmann of b3 coffee in Blackwood, South Australia, so he could help me to take the beans for a spin.

We were not disappointed! Ben graciously shared his wealth of coffee roasting and tasting wisdom with me, adding several adjectives to my coffee description repertoire. We first tried Soltura’s signature blend, The Call, which I have enjoyed for years and then we tried the potential new DrDazz blend.

The Call is high quality and I drink it at home every day. It got me through my PhD. But I was knocked over by the taste of the new blend. It is a beauty! It hits a great balance of acidity and sweetness; rich and full-bodied and lively. It’s full of complex flavours and leaves a lovely taste in your mouth. It’s great as an espresso and also impressive with milk.  Thanks, Ben for your excellent coffee making skills and your flavor analysing insights.


I think this might be the one!

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